Funded Research Program at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, Hastings, MI

This summer research program, grant funded by the Willard and Jessie Pierce Foundation, is a cooperative effort between myself as lead researcher and a student research assistant. It allows students to work on valuable ecological research and receive a stipend for their work. Students work on the project from the development of the grant proposal to the writing the final paper and presentation of the research at research symposium at PCCI and elsewhere.

An analysis of habitat structure and corridor connectivity for wildlife at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute

Effects of environmental variables on plant communities in a ravine system in southwest Michigan

The potential habitat fragmentation caused by white-tailed deer and its impact on nest predation

Effects of habitat fragmentation by white-tailed deer on raccoon home range

The utilization of white-tailed deer trails by vertebrates as a means of traversing gaps in landscape matrices

Microhabitat distribution and selection among snake species of the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute

Modeling the effects of trophic cascading by Odocoileus virginianus on breeding bird populations
Research at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute
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